Glycolic Acid Fan Mask Brush Treatment Applicator SML

Taklon Fan Mask Brush Acid Applicator- for Glycolic, Lactic TCA Acid Skin Peels- LG
September 13, 2018
White Taklon Glycolic Acid Peel Treatment Fan Brush
September 13, 2018


Glycolic Acid Fan Mask Brush Treatment Applicator Large Glycolic Acid Fan Brush Brand New Material: Taklon Bristles, Wooden White Handle Taklon is perfect for applying Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid products. Easy clean up with soap and water. The perfect brush for applying glycolic acid products. Individually packed in a plastic sleeve. To clean – Thoroughly rinse off any product remaining on the bristles or brush handle. Soak in a disinfectant solution, and if desired, place in a UV sterilizer. Applicator Treatment Fan Brush For Skin Chemical Peels Taklon Hair Facial Treatment Fan Brush Bristles length: 1.5 cm Handle: 17 cm Bristles are 100% Taklon hair. Taklon hair are very soft bristles, and great for peel applicators

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